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Bobby V on VEVO’s Ask:Reply

Bobby V and VEVO took to twitter recentlyto answer some of your great questions. Check the video HERE and see what questions were answered!

  • Franquetta

    Bobby V we went to Piney Woods together in 95

  • Laya

    Are you ever going to tell them how you really came up w/Valentino or should I...because I'm tired of hearing "I was supposed to be born on Valentine's Day" story? Hope you're prepared for a lie detector test...because I am...and I'll pass w/flying colors!! Love your music tho...just don’t like the son...Valentino (I mentioned while we exchanged conversation behind CAU's library) is honored...didn't see me coming...didn't your mother teach you...what's in the dark comes in the light...??!!?? You just didn't know it would be today!!

    See you around,


  • Tyrone G

    Bobby When will you be signing people on to Blu Kolla Dreamz, Because I want to be a professional/international singer like you I listend to you from blackberry molasses all the wya to words on fly on the wall bro you is the bes out there now I know it this form your boy.

    Tyrone G.

  • Cicicobbs

    i LOVE fly on the wall my fav is sweetness! bobby ur my sweetness..been wit u since slow down. every unreleased song errthang! i love all u do.people been sleepin on u and i think u woke em up on how u r REAL r&b. ur probably the only artist that delivers it now days, the pop scene is coo but r&b is what makes tha world go round..lets make music together bobby and make this world come back to REAL R&B muah! Cici C.

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