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“Fly On The Wall” Debuts At Top 10!!

If you didn’t hear already, Fly On The Wall debuted

as part of the top 10 albums this week!

Thanks to all of you, the FANS, for the suport in

making that happen!

  • Alberto Miguel Pedro

    hey Bobby V, plz keep goin and keep doin a good music to relaxe my self ever, let me say i luv u alot and u r my best singer "my # 1"
    i cant sleep and go out to work if i dont listen - are u the rigth one and outfit-
    plz the next vid need to be - are u the rigth one and -
    God Blees U

    By. Si.L from Angola

  • Bokw_er

    Bobby V LIVE IN AUSTRALIA - 17 May - Gold Coast, 19 May - Melbourne, 20 May - Sydney, 21 May - Perth. FLY ON THE WALL TOURĀ 

  • Kanikane29

    I am loving this CD. You stated on the Monique show that if you didnt like it, you could take it back. I don't know why anyone would do that. You are a very talented young man. Stay true to yourself and god and you will be rewarded all the time. Surround yourself in love and give it back. Bless to be a fan

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